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Gallery Row Art Walk News

December 2011 - Volume 2 No. 1

"..Her portrait "Pure Jpy" celebrates a glorious beauty of 101 years of age, in classic black and white simplicity, exuding the vibrancy and sheer joy of being alive...."


 - Brook Henderson

Los Angeles Times
April 2, 1998 - Brand Galleries


"..her images reveal an artist piqued by the things that captivated Degas with his enigmatic paintings of dancers - a half-lit, kinetic, athletic, graceful domain."


 -  Joseph Woodward

Los Angeles Times
April 2, 1998 - Century Gallery


"She confronts humanity directly, with the kind of photojournalistic eye that extends curiosity and compassion to her human subjects....Antoniou has an eye for composition and telling visual details..."


- Joseph Woodward

Glendale News-Press

Interview - March 26, 1998


"Ironically, it my be Antoniou's sense of longing and loss which makes her work so elegant and profound"

-Stephen Lemons

Creative Loafing
April 26th, 1997

Red, White, and Black 
Seeing "Red" and other COLORS at the Spartanburg Museum of Art


-Robert A. Stribley

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