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A Glimpse of Life

My photographs represent my life. They show how I see the events that occur around me. I am exposing my life to you, for these photos are the moments in my life which I thought were worth preserving and exhibiting. Each moment can never be recaptured. That is one aspect that makes photography so powerful and amazing. Who can ever recreate that moment in time, that feeling! No one. So, my aim is to grab that moment that might have passed unnoticed or been forgotten in order that we might reflect on it, and on ourselves. I want you to see "a glimpse of life" through my eyes. As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, " We are passive onlookers in a world that moves perpetually. Our only moment of creation is that 1/125 of a second when the shutter clicks, the signal is given, and motion is stopped..."

Dancer Series

My first love was ballet. I began dancing at the age of three. Due to an injury I was forced to quit when I was fourteen. Though I shall never again feel my body move across the floor as a dancer, I can still experience the height of an arabesque or the flurry of bourrées through the lens of my camera. Being in their midst I share the dancers' anticipation, their excitement and joy. I want my camera to capture these dancers' lives and moments, as I had once lived them.

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