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     Angelique Antoniou received her first camera when she was twelve, a Canon AE-1. Capturing glimpses of daily life from London to Salzburg to Athens, her camera searches for those spontaneous moments that reveal and illuminate the human condition. Later on she turned her camera toward the movements and moments of dancers. Ballet being Ms. Antoniou's first love, she aimed to show a side of dance that many do not see. Her preference for black and white images further illuminates her commitment to a photojournalistic approach to fine art photography. Ms. Antoniou's works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and have been published in the winter 1996/1997 issue of CALYX's "A Journal of Art and Literature by Women", the March 1997 issue of "Dancer", "Creative Loafing", art/fiction magazine, "Caffeine", the "Traffic Report" and "The Los Angeles Times", among others.


    Commercially, she has shot everything from corporate events, to stills on movie sets, to weddings and birthday parties. In all these instances, she aims to connect with her subjects and to listen to the client and their needs.


    She thanks God for gift of sight and all moments to capture.

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